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Live: Turkish Research Vessel Enters Greek Waters (Closed)

Since July 21, 2020, the Republic of Turkey and Hellenic Republic have been engaged in a major game of cat and mouse in the Mediterranean Sea. The standoff began shortly after Turkey announced its intention to deploy a survey ship in disputed waters off a Greek island near Turkey's southern coast. Today, Ankara has made good on its threat. The Intelligence Ledger is currently tracking the movement of the Oruc Reis, a Turkish research vessel, and two support ships in Greece's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

UPDATE (8/10/20 - 12:30 PM CDT)

The Intelligence Ledger has confirmed that the Hellenic Navy has increased its alert readiness and issued several warnings to the Turkish registered vessels, "You have one hour to leave the area." The Greek Air Force has launch an ERJ-145 ISTAR aircraft to monitor Turkish movements.

UPDATE (8/10/20 - 12:38 PM CDT)

Greek warships are now nearing the location of the Turkish research vessels. Turkish warships are now issuing warnings to the Greek Navy to vacate the area.

UPDATE (8/10/20 - 12:43 PM CDT)

Salamis Naval Base in Greece has reportedly become a flurry of activity in the last hour.

UPDATE (8/10/20 - 2:42 PM CDT)

It appears as though things in the Mediterranean Sea have temporarily calmed. Turkish vessels appear to be heading to shipping lanes for cover, while Turkish warships have remained outside the Greek EEZ.

UPDATE (8/10/20 - 3:47 PM CDT)

All Turkish vessels have left the Greek EEZ and entered international waters. As such, it looks as though the incident has been resolved. The Intelligence Ledger will continue to monitor the situation throughout the night.


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